Blue Mountains Artworks on Paper

Watercolour and gouache on Fabriano paper. From top, left to right:

Row 1: Escarpment. Distant Shore.

Row 2: Falling Water (SOLD). Small Journey (SOLD).

Row 3: Shifting Sands. Tidal Light.

Row 4: Before the Storm. Four Dark Clouds (SOLD).

Row 5: When Darkness Falls (SOLD). Escarpment (SOLD).

Row 6: Mountain Cave. Eucalypts (SOLD). Precipice.

Row 7: Crepuscular Light (SOLD). Dawn Light.

Row 8: Desert Light I. Desert Light II.

Row 9: Desert Light III. Radiant Centre. Changing Places (SOLD).

Row 10: Heatwaves I. Gild’d Clouds. Heatwaves II.

Row 11: Once Upon a Joy. Arcane Treasures. Interlude (SOLD).

Row 12: Eventide. Rubicon. Rosy Clouds.

Row 13: Tidal Blues (SOLD). Nocturnal Blues.

Row 14: Shifting Sands I. Shifting Sands II. Shifting Sands III.

Row 15: Ancient Land I. Ancient Land II.

Row 16: Scribbly Gum.

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