English Garden Paintings 1983-1993

Oil paintings on canvas unless otherwise noted. From left to right:

Row 1: Himalayan Blues (SOLD). Presence.

Row 2: August Garden (SOLD). April Garden (SOLD).

Row 3: Autumn Leaves (SOLD). Red Holding. Gentian Blue.

Row 4: Light through Darkness (SOLD). Blue Lightening (SOLD).

Row 5: Dusk (SOLD). Flowering Light (SOLD).

Row 6: Flight (SOLD). Small Joys, acrylic on canvas. Primrose.

Row 7: Autumn Wood (SOLD). Late Flowering (SOLD).

Row 8: Under the Cherry. Flowery Thoughts.

Row 9: Flowering II. Tumble.

Row 10: Mixed media and collage on paper: Amaryllis I. Amaryllis II. Lily.

Row 11: Dark Beginnings, Luminous Ends. First Flowering, acrylic on canvas (SOLD).

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