Blue Mountains Paintings 1994 - 2005

Paintings in acrylic on canvas. From top, left to right:

Row 1: Lush Encounter I. Emerald Light.

Row 2: Lush Encounter II. Lush Encounter III. Lush Encounter IV.

Row 3: Everafter (SOLD). Sizzle

Row 4: In a Far Land (triptych) (SOLD). Long Journey (triptych).

Row 5: Heat dyptch. The Stillness of Fall (SOLD). The Strata of Memory (SOLD).

Row 6: Early Spring Walk (polyptych). Winterblossom (triptych).

Row 7: Spindrift (SOLD). Purple Haze (SOLD).

Row 8: Past/Present. The Ground of Being (dyptych).

Row 9: Bones triptych. Here/Now.

Row 10: Vigil.

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